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A Lewes ghost walk and tales of other strange things
Jane Hasler & Nick Cole

Lewes has its fair share of stories about strange things, history and legends. Legends of Lampit Lewes brings together a collection of these tales in which ghosts, murderers, saints and hangings abound. The book’s inspiration began in the 1990s when two friends, Jane Hasler and Nick Cole, discovered a shared interest in such things and a deep love of the town. Originally conceived and performed as a guided walk, including once at the Lewes Festival, the reader can now take this tour for themselves and learn of mysteries, miracles, murder, magic and quite a few phantoms too....if they dare! The book includes a route map of Lewes, with numbered stops for each story. Jane and Nick enjoyed creating this work and guiding the walk together though they only got to perform it a handful of times. Sadly, Nick died in 2011. Jane has now published it for posterity and for those interested in such things in the unique and historic town of Lewes. Illustrated by Kevin Stewart Cantwell BA (Hons.)

Paperback 210 X 148mm 70 pages
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Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-80-2

Price £8.50

Book 476 Image

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