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East Sussex, Brighton & Hove:
Stone Age to Cold War
Kevin Newman

Many writers have written about the delights of the former kingdom of the South Saxons, its Downs, villages, countryside, people and their ways but Visitors’ Historic Britain is the first series of books to take readers on a tour of discovery of each of the county’s historic eras in turn.
Visitors’ Historic Britain – East Sussex follows its West Sussex predecessor and starts with the prehistoric era. We explore East Sussex from west to east, investigating both little known and well-visited sites that tell the story of our ancestors’ past. We encounter wild warriors, formidable founders of the county, indefatigable industrialists, excitable eccentrics whilst investigating the lives of Sussex and invaders and inhabitants.
Sussex is a country celebrated by writers, painters, royalty, artists and the millions who have enjoyed its changing coastline and verdant villages. Visitors’ Historic Britain – East
Sussex provides a unique series of journeys for those who are inquisitive about this quirky and history-changing part of the South-East.

The Author
Kevin Newman is a Sussex-born and dwelling author, tour guide, teacher, history
consultant, journalist and historian. A member of the Sussex Society of Authors, he has written school textbooks, for Sussex publications such as the Argus and Brighton and Hove Independent as well a range of books on Sussex. When not engaging people of all ages with the past, he escapes up on the South Downs on walks much shorter than Belloc managed.

Paperback 234 x 156mm 208 pages
Pen & Sword

Price £14.99

Book 464 Image

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